Accountability and Transparency

Improving the City of Windsor includes strengthening and improving our culture of Accountability and Transparency throughout all levels of City functions, beginning with City Council itself. While confidentiality is often required in City decision making processes, it should only be exercised in the narrowest possible terms, with openness to the public at all times being the ultimate goal.

Auditor General - I campaigned in support of an Auditor General in 2014, supported it at Windsor City Council in 2015 and remain committed to establishing an independent Auditor General for Windsor. It should be noted though, that as a result of the current Council extending Price Waterhouse Cooper's Internal Auditor Contract for 2 years after they had only been performing the function for one year, the soonest we can implement an Auditor General without paying penalties would be 2020.

If elected I will:

1. immediately begin investigating the steps required to establish an Auditor General's office through a timely transition in 2019 and 2020;

2. bring forward a motion to study the form, function and budgeting of Auditor General offices in other cities such as Sudbury and Ottawa;

3. at the appropriate time, bring forward a motion to establish the Office of Auditor General in Windsor and begin a immediate staffing search for the position.

Should a consensus on establishing a Windsor Auditor General not be obtained I will move for a Referendum Question on the 2022 Municipal Election Ballot as allowed for under the Ontario Municipal Act.

Closed Meeting Investigations - currently the City of Windsor contracts annually with Local Authority Services (LAS) for the provision of a Closed Meeting Investigator when required. Although the need for Windsor has been low, this still represents an unneeded cost. The Ontario Municipal Act provides that when a Municipality does not have a designated Closed Meeting Investigator the service is to be provided, at no cost to the municipality, by the office of the independent Ombudsman of Ontario.

In-Camera (Closed Meetings) - with the move to Windsor's new City Hall and the implementation of complete audio, video recording and live streaming services of all Council meetings, if elected I will move for the immediate adoption of the recommended Best Practices of the Ontario Ombudsman in recording ALL open and closed meetings. By recording all meetings, including in-camera, a complete record of all reports made, including verbal, directions given, discussions held and motions moved and voted upon is available at all times should it be required for things like a Closed Meeting Investigation request or as part of the City's submission to the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT - formerly known as the Ontario Municipal Board).

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