Like many other municipalities, Windsor has accumulated a massive infrastructure deficit that threatens our future in the same way our heavy debt burden did in the past. We truly have to focus on our roads and sewers, our sidewalks and building assets. We need to apply the same discipline to our infrastructure deficit reduction as we did for our debt. That means a pause on big ticket items, like a Sportsplex, and a focus on our priority needs not our wants. If elected I will:

1. Develop an Infrastructure Deficit reduction plan similar to our Debt Reduction plan that focuses on our priority infrastructure needs across the city, with politics removed from the process;

2. Move to implement a pause on all big ticket projects like a Sportsplex or a new Main Library for the next four years.

3. Focus on our priority infrastructure needs like roads, sewers and buildings;

4. Move to cancel the use of “Enhanced Capital Budget” spending to end non-priority, political spending;

5. Full funding of the Central Box project in the next four years to be included in the City’s 6 year capital plan which includes Dominion/Northwood,Ouellette Dougall, the Dougall "Deathtrap" Underpass and related projects. Estimated cost, approximately $51 million;

6. In order to begin reducing our infrastructure deficit, we must consider a reasonable tax increase, dedicated specifically towards infrastructure. This may take the form of small 1% a year increases for 5 years, at which time the increases would cease. Such an approach needs to be studied, but would deliver an additional $60 million in dedicated infrastructure spending over five years, not including any additional Federal or Provincial monies, and add $20 million each year thereafter to the base infrastructure budget. While the exact approach and plan may differ in amounts and times, this is the type of action required if we are ever to get control of out deteriorating infrastructure;

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