For the last eight years Ward 10 has endured unnecessary drama and poor representation. Sharing boundaries with 6 other Wards, our ward sits at the heart of the city, yet important projects, such as the Central Box, languish on the sidelines with full funding not even identified in the city's Five Year Capital Plan.

Like many other municipalities, Windsor has accumulated a massive infrastructure deficit that threatens our future in the same way our heavy debt burden did in the past. We truly have to focus on our roads and sewers, our sidewalks and building assets. We need to apply the same discipline to our infrastructure deficit reduction as we did for our debt. That means a pause on big ticket items, like a Sportsplex, and a focus on our priority needs not our wants.

The Amazon bid has taught us the importance of livable cities as a priority. Focusing on better transit, safe walkable neighbourhoods and connected bike infrastructure along with a greater emphasis on diversification in sectors such as Technology and Research and Development.

Ward 10 has lost faith in it's representatives over the last several terms of Council. Campaigns should be reality not empty promises. The commitments I make will be the ones I will fight for. Ward 10 Deserves Better!

In order to represent you to the best of my abilities, I first must listen to your concerns. I have sent a survey to every household in the ward and you can also fill it out here on the website. Tell me what your concerns are for Ward 10 and the City of Windsor.

Ward 10 Survey

In the days and weeks ahead I will be publishing my platform planks in response to  your issues. The first issue will be Accountablity and Transparency

Accountability and Transparency

Improving the City of Windsor includes strengthening and improving our culture of Accountability and Transparency throughout all levels of City functions, beginning with City Council itself. While confidentiality is often required in City decision making processes, it should only be exercised in the narrowest possible terms, with openness to the public at all times being the ultimate goal.

- to be published August 7th. 

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